'New' Regulation Commenced On 1 September 2014

Current issues

Product Recall: Homebrand Sliced Black Olives

Woolworths Limited has recalled Homebrand Sliced Black Olives, 430g, from Woolworths supermarkets nationally, due to... > Read more

Is your business prepared for an emergency?

Queensland is no stranger to natural disasters. While storms, cyclones and flooding are the most common threat in the... > Read more

Consumption of Raw (Unpasteurised) Milk

The sale of raw cow's milk for human consumption is unlawful In Australia. Consumption of raw (unpasteurised) milk... > Read more

Egg safety

Food safety is as important with eggs as it is with chicken, meat, seafood and dairy products. There can be health risks... > Read more

Back to School Food Safety

With millions of Aussie kids heading back to school soon we thought it was a good idea to share a few simple tips that... > Read more