'New' Regulation Commenced On 1 September 2014

Current issues

SFPQ Annual Report 2014-2015

The materials presented [on this site/in this pdf] are provided by the Queensland Government for information purposes... > Read more

Product Recall: Bioflex Nutrition

Bioflex Nutrition and Bulk Nutrients Pure Supplements has recalled multiple Bulk Nutrients and BIOFLEX Sports Supplements... > Read more

Product Recall: Orthodox Coconut Palm and Sasaya Coconut Drink

Kaisi Australia Pty Ltd has recalled Orthodox Coconut Palm and Sasaya Coconut Drink from Asian Supermarkets in QLD due... > Read more

The Ivy Inwood Key Note Address

Safe Food Production Queensland (SFPQ) is the proud sponsor of the Ivy Inwood Key Note Address. The address was created... > Read more

The Australian Government’s Jobs and Small Business package – Asset Deductions

On 12th May 2015 the Australian Government announced funding for the ‘Jobs and Small Business package’ in the 2015-16... > Read more