How we regulate in Queensland

Each state and territory has adopted a different approach to achieving consistent food safety outcomes. Queensland has adopted a virtual food safety agency approach, whereby three government agencies work together to regulate food safety (Safe Food Production Queensland, Queensland Health and Department of Agriculture and Fisheries).

Each agency is committed to maintaining Queensland's reputation for providing safe and suitable food for both human and animal consumption. The goals of this multi-agency approach are to:

  • explain in simple terms Queensland's food safety regulation model
  • improve collaboration between regulatory partners
  • introduce practical reforms and
  • reduce any potential overlap of agency efforts to improve the delivery of minimal, yet effective regulation.

In Queensland there are two major pieces of legislation regulating food safety:

  • the Food Production (Safety) Act 2000 administered by Safe Food Production Queensland (SFPQ)
  • the Food Act 2006 administered by Queensland Health (QH).

Safe Food Production Queensland

The day-to-day regulation of primary production and processing is the responsibility of SFPQ. The legislation focuses on the food safety management of meat, eggs, dairy and seafood. It also provides a framework to address emerging issues that may impact on food safety.

SFPQ is continually looking for business improvements and ways to streamline service delivery to our clients with the aim of achieving minimum, cost effective regulation that leaves a small imprint on the day-to-day operation of business. We work closely and inclusively with industry to ensure benefits for both parties.

SFPQ complements QH's activities by managing food safety matters relating to the production and processing of primary produce.

Queensland Health

Queensland Health is the lead agency for food safety in the manufacturing, retail and food service sectors, including issues relating to food composition and labelling. It is also responsible for statewide health promotion planning, implementation and evaluation to address priority public health issues including nutrition and related issues.

Local government have responsibilities delegated under the Food Act for things such as licensing and inspection of food businesses (focus on businesses whose trade does not extend outside their boundary or retail). For more information click here

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF)

The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) is responsible for the sustainable economic development of the state's primary industries and fisheries.

DAF's vision is of 'profitable primary industries for Queensland', and supports strategic industry development at all stages of the industry life cycle and throughout the entire value chain from production to consumption. For more information click here