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An accreditation is not required with Safe Food for the following activities:

  • Rearing or transporting an animal to be supplied to a dairy farm for milking
  • Supplying or transporting stock food to a dairy farm for consumption by an animal to be milked
  • Processing dairy produce to be consumed by an animal intended for human consumption
  • Transporting milk from a dairy farm to a processing facility
  • Transporting dairy produce from a factory to a wholesaler or retailer
  • Retail sales of dairy produce, except for pet food
  • Manufacturing foods that contain dairy (e.g. cakes, frozen meals, quiches)
  • Importing cheese for wholesale (e.g. supplying to restaurants), so long as the cheese is not altered in any way
  • Manufacturing ice-cream if it is sold to retail customers at the same site at which is it produced
  • Temporary market stalls (e.g. food festivals, farmers markets)
  • Hosting cheese making classes with members of the general public

Still unsure if you require an accreditation? Please contact us.

Who else should I contact?

While you may not require an accreditation with Safe Food, you may still need to be licensed or seek advice from other food regulatory authorities, including:
  • Local Council

    Contact your local council (ask for an Environmental Health Officer) if your inquiry relates to:

    • Licensing a retail food business (fixed site/shop)
    • Licensing a mobile food vehicle (e.g. food truck)
    • Licensing a temporary market stall
    • Licensing requirements for home-based food businesses (e.g. bed & breakfast, farm home stays)

    Search the Local Government Directory to find contact details and locality maps for Queensland’s local councils.

  • Queensland Health

    Contact Queensland Health for:

    • Food labeling requirements
    • Advice on food allergens
    • Food safety requirements for retail food businesses and food handlers
    • Food safety programs for retail food or catering businesses
    • Food safety advice for non-profit organisations
  • Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF)

    Contact DAF if your inquiry relates to:

    • Information on plants, agricultural chemicals, plant health, weeds and more
    • Animal health, pests and disease prevention
    • Moving and selling of livestock
    • Biosecurity requirements
    • Animal welfare (as it relates to food production)
  • Australian Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE)

    Contact DAWE for:

    • Importing and exporting requirements