Starting a food business

If you are looking to operate a food business, you must first ensure that the premises you are wanting to operate from are suitable for that purpose, and that the relevant accreditation or licence (either through Safe Food or Local Council) is in place prior to the commencement of operations.

The first step should be to contact your Local Council to determine if the type of business that you are wanting to operate can be undertaken at the site from which you intend to operate. Then, check with Council if they have any licencing requirements for the type of activities you are proposing, or if Safe Food should be contacted. If the decision is that you will need an accreditation with Safe Food for your specific site, you will need to provide evidence in writing from Council that these provisions have been met.

Businesses requiring an Accreditation through Safe Food, are in the industry of either Meat & Meat Products (including butcher shops), Dairy & Dairy Products, Egg & Egg Products, Seafood or Horticulture (seed sprouts), and would be covered from the point of primary production to the first point of retail sale.

Types of activities included are:

  • Processing (all schemes)
  • Retailing (meat only)
  • Transporting (meat only)
  • Wild Game/Animal Harvesting (meat and seafood)
  • Producing (seafood/aquaculture, dairy, poultry and eggs)
  • Temperature Controlled Storage (meat and seafood)

The process of applying for an Accreditation requires that an application form and several types of documentation/evidence/photos be submitted to Safe Food with the application and accreditation fees so that an application assessment can be conducted on your proposed activities. Contact our team to help you determine what documentation will be required with your specific application.

As mentioned above, this application must be approved and an Accreditation issued prior to the commencement of operations.