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Greater Brisbane 3-Day Lockdown: Advice for Accredited Businesses

Effective from 6pm Friday 8 January, Greater Brisbane will go into lockdown for three days, while contact tracers work to ensure the UK strain of COVID-19 is not circulating in the community.

The lockdown will last until 6pm Monday 11 January and impact people in the local government areas of Brisbane, Moreton Bay, Ipswich, Redlands and Logan.

Little is currently known about the UK strain. However, early information indicates that this variant is 70% more contagious, people remain contagious for longer, and carriers potentially do not show symptoms while they are infectious. Safe Food is therefore urging accredited business to remain on high alert.

During this lockdown, food production is considered an essential service. Employees can still attend work if they are unable to perform their duties at home.

Accredited businesses are encouraged to review their COVID-19 Health Management Plans and ensure all procedures are being strictly followed by staff, third-party contractors and customers to reduce risk.

This includes reviewing how staff are travelling to and from work. If they are using public transport, they must wear a mask. If they are carpooling, they should follow the advice of Safe Work Queensland.

Everyone should continue to practice social distancing where possible, avoid large gatherings, wash their hands frequently and get tested if they display even mild symptoms of COVID-19.

Importantly, masks must be worn by everyone outside their home. This includes in the workplace and while travelling to and from work on public transport. 

Businesses should remind staff that they are required to stay home during the lockdown outside of work, except for reasons listed on the Queensland Government website.

It’s recommended that you frequently monitor the Queensland Government website for further information as this situation develops.