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Small Business Wellness Package

DESBT small business wellness packageRunning a small business can be very demanding, but don’t forget that your business’ greatest asset is you. If you are struggling with the stresses and pressures of running a small business, help is available.

The Small Business Wellness Package is a new package of mental health support providing tailored, one-on-one services to small business operators to help them grow and thrive.

The services provided through the Small Business Wellness Package offer end-to-end support to small business operators at all stages of their business lifecycle. This includes access to small business wellness coaches appointed in Cairns, Mackay, Toowoomba, North and South Brisbane, and Townsville. They join more than 40 existing rural, tourism and small business financial counsellors across Queensland helping businesses who are doing it tough.

The Package includes:

  • Small Business Wellness Coaches
  • financial support (up to $5000 per applicant) to connect small businesses with specialist services
  • a program for chambers of commerce to connect their small business community with local support
  • statewide campaign to promote the wellness coaches and additional support.

This package is being delivered by the Queensland Government in partnership with the Queensland Mental Health Commission, the Queensland Small Business Commissioner and CCIQ.

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