Food Recall
1 Oct 2022 Smith’s Crinkle Cut Salt & Vinegar Chips 45g, 90g, 170g
The Smith’s Snackfood Company is conducting a recall of Smith’s Crinkle Cut Salt & Vinegar Chips 45g, 90g and 170g. Distribution: The products have been available for sale at retail outlets in NSW and QLD. Date markings: Best Before 15 Jan 23 Problem: The recall is due to the potential presence of foreign matter (plastic pieces). Food safety hazard: Food products containing plastic pieces may cause injury if consumed. Country of origin: Australia What to do: Consumers should not eat…
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    Safe Food's Annual Report 2021-2022 now available
  • 28 Jul 2022
    Emergency Animal Diseases: Foot-and-Mouth Disease and Lumpy Skin Disease
  • 30 Jun 2022
    Primary Production & Processing Requirements for Horticulture (Berries, Leafy Vegetables and Melons)
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  • Accrediting


    If you produce or process meat, dairy, eggs, seafood or horticulture you may be required to have an accreditation with Safe Food.

  • Monitoring


    Food safety regulation is moving towards a more flexible system of monitoring, using data supplied directly by food businesses that voluntarily monitor a number of verification points across the supply chain. 

  • Training


    Safe Food approves persons other than Safe Food employees to conduct food safety audits of businesses in Queensland.

  • Responding


    Safe Food works with industry to respond to food safety issues in primary production.

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    Australia has high standards of food safety. Its food safety regulation system is designed to protect consumers and promote good food safety practices.

  • Food Safety

    Food Safety

    Safe Food advises about food safety matters relating to the production of primary produce and the development or implementation of food safety schemes.