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An accreditation is not required with Safe Food for the following activities:

  • Growing or processing of microgreens (‘microgreen’ refers to young plants that are intermediates between seed sprouts and baby plants. Only the leaves and stems of microgreens are harvested for human consumption, not the root portion)
  • Growing or processing of fruits or vegetables (apart from seed sprouts)
  • Growing, packaging and supply of herbs (including growing and using herbs in restaurants, cafés etc.)
  • Production and supply of honey, nuts and seeds
  • Production or processing of algae such as spirulina
  • Production or processing of sprouted cereal grains used for brewing or juice making
  • Retail sale of horticulture products, including seed sprouts (e.g. fruit shop, farmers markets, etc.)

Still unsure if you require an accreditation? Please contact us.

Who else should I contact?

While you may not require an accreditation with Safe Food, you may still need to be licensed or seek advice from other food regulatory authorities, including:
  • Local Council

    Contact your local council (ask for an Environmental Health Officer) if your inquiry relates to:

    • Licensing a retail food business (fixed site/shop)
    • Licensing a mobile food vehicle (e.g. food truck)
    • Licensing a temporary market stall
    • Licensing requirements for home-based food businesses (e.g. bed & breakfast, farm home stays)

    Search the Local Government Directory to find contact details and locality maps for Queensland’s local councils.

  • Queensland Health

    Contact Queensland Health for:

    • Food labeling requirements
    • Advice on food allergens
    • Food safety requirements for retail food businesses and food handlers
    • Food safety programs for retail food or catering businesses
    • Food safety advice for non-profit organisations
  • Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF)

    Contact DAF if your inquiry relates to:

    • Information on plants, agricultural chemicals, plant health, weeds and more
    • Pests and disease prevention
    • Biosecurity requirements
  • Australian Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE)

    Contact DAWE for:

    • Importing and exporting requirements