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An accreditation is not required with Safe Food for the following activities:

  • Rearing an animal to be killed for meat
  • Growing, mixing, sorting or transporting stock food for consumption by an animal to be killed for meat
  • Home kill – so long as meat does not leave the property and is not sold or supplied to others
  • Handling or transporting an animal, at any stage before it arrives at an abattoir where it is killed
  • Handling or transporting smallgoods or a rendered product after it leaves the premises where it has been processed
  • Retail sale of pre-packaged meat, if the product is sold unopened

Still unsure if you require an accreditation? Please contact us.

Who else should I contact?

Though you may not require an accreditation with Safe Food, you may still need to be licensed or seek advice from other food regulatory authorities, including: