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Field Depot

If you are a fixed premise that receives and refrigerates wild game carcasses (but do not process them), then you require an accreditation with Safe Food Production Queensland (Safe Food). This activity is classified as temperature controlled storage (fixed field depot) under the Meat Scheme of the Food Production (Safety) Regulation 2014.

If you are a mobile field depot (i.e. you refrigerate and transport wild game carcasses to a fixed field depot or processor), then you will also require an accreditation with Safe Food. This activity is classified as temperature controlled storage (mobile field depot) under the Meat Scheme. Your application for accreditation will be the same as fixed field depot, with some additional requirements (outlined below).

Other accreditations you may need

If you are harvesting wild game, such as macropods (e.g. kangaroos) or wild boar, then you will require an accreditation with Safe Food as a Wild Animal Harvester (Meat Scheme).


What should I submit with my application?

  • Application form

    Complete the Application form and select temperature controlled storage (meat scheme, field depot) as your activity on page 2.

    Note: If you want to complete this form on your mobile or desktop, please download or save it first.

  • Payment of fees

    Fees and payment details can be viewed within the Application form.

  • Management statement

    You must submit a management statement as part of your application. A management statement is a concise way of documenting how your business intends to operate and what activities you intend to undertake. It should be written by you (the applicant) in your own words.

    We also accept other formats of this management statement (e.g. from processors).

  • Photos

    Please include photos of your field depot that show:

    • floors and walls
    • hand washing facilities (chemicals included)
    • hand wash drainage
    • lighting
    • doors and seals
    • refrigeration unit
    • temperature gauges
    • vehicle registration (mobile field depots only)
    • verifiable tamper-proof tags (mobile field depots only)

    Note: If you wish to accredit multiple field depots, you will need to submit separate photos for each.

  • DES licence

    If you are a fixed field depot, you must obtain a commercial wildlife licence (macropods) from the Department of Environment and Science (DES). Please submit a copy of this in your application for accreditation.

    If you are a mobile field depot, please check with DES for what licenses you require. You are not required to submit a copy of these to Safe Food.

    DES can be contacted on 1300 130 372.

  • Evidence of vehicle monitoring system (mobile field depots only)

    Mobile field depots must be fitted with suitable equipment to automatically report time, temperature and location of the depot when in use. Details of these requirements can be found here. Please submit evidence that your vehicle’s monitoring system meets these requirements. This may be in the form of a photo of your electronic tracking device, a copy of the owner’s manual, an email from the manufacturer confirming its capabilities, or something else.

Submit your completed application to or PO Box 221, Greenslopes, Brisbane, QLD 4120.

When to apply

Under the Food Production (Safety) Act 2000, it is unlawful to engage in certain activities relating to primary production or processing of food until you have been granted an accreditation by Safe Food. As such, you should allow adequate time for your application to be reviewed by Safe Food before you begin operating.

Your application will aim to be assessed within 14 days, although applications submitted in their entirety (with all the items outlined above) are likely to be processed faster.

Once you have submitted your application, a member of our Central Assessment Team will contact you for payment (if paying by credit card). Once payment has been received, your application will be assessed, and we will contact you if we require any further information.

You will be notified in writing about the outcome of your application (approved or refused).


Fees are based on the activities you are carrying out and are outlined in the Application form.

Please note that new applications will incur a one-time application fee that is non-refundable.

Our accreditation period runs from 1st January – 31st December*. You will therefore need to renew your accreditation on an annual basis.

For more information, please refer to our fees & charges.

*Our fees are not pro-rata.