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COVID-19 Update: Brisbane Youth Detention Centre Cluster

Queensland Health is closely monitoring and investigating an outbreak of COVID-19 linked to the Wacol Youth Detention Centre. As of 23 August 2020, there have been nine confirmed cases linked to the centre.

The current situation has the potential to change rapidly and all businesses are encouraged to stay up to date with the latest updates from the Queensland Health website.

Urgent contact tracing is underway for the recently confirmed cases, with public contact tracing alerts issued as information becomes available.  These alerts can be found here.

Anyone who has been to the any of the locations listed at the nominated times should monitor their health and, if they develop even the mildest of COVID-19 symptoms, get tested.

Most of the confirmed cases involve persons who reported being asymptomatic when advised of their positive result. However, the findings from contact tracing interviews indicate they had very mild headaches, diarrhoea and/or a generally feeling tiredness in the days prior to their positive test.

Increased vigilance required

Queensland Health recommend that businesses increase their vigilance, particularly in the coming days and during health screening checks of workers for any symptoms within their workforce. Queensland Health is not recommending testing of asymptomatic staff.

It is vitally important for employers to remind workers that if they are unwell (not just the typical respiratory symptoms) that they do not come to work. If anyone develops symptoms while at work, they should not remain in the workplace. Unwell people should stay at home, seek medical advice and get tested. They should not return to the workplace until they have been advised that they do not have COVID-19 and also that they have recovered and are symptom free.

Employers should communicate with their workers regarding the latest Queensland Health advice to ensure they remain extra vigilant and generally, you should:

  • determine the appropriateness of existing control measures in consultation with workers, using official information sources, and
  • implement those measures and clearly communicate them to all workers, including providing clear direction and guidance about what is expected of workers. In particular, they should know:
    • when to stay away from the workplace
    • what action to take if they become unwell
    • what additional symptoms to be alert for, and
    • what personal actions they should take to practice personal hygiene and social distancing.

Signs and Symptoms of COVID-19

Symptoms reported in identified cases of COVID-19 include:

  • fever
  • cough
  • sore throat
  • shortness of breath
  • runny nose
  • fatigue
  • loss of smell loss of taste

As indicated previously, people may also experience other symptoms that are different to what is shown above, such as headache, nausea or vomiting, muscle pain, joint pain, diarrhoea or a loss of appetite. Symptoms can vary depending on each case.  For further information, please visit Queensland Health.