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Intentional Contamination of Food

The intentional contamination of food means the deliberate adding of a foreign substance to food products.

Intentional contamination is a deliberate action to introduce something into a product, often with the intention to do harm to the consumer, the company or both.

A person who carries out such an act commits a crime and can be charged by the police under the Criminal Code Act 1899.

This type of crime can be committed in food processing, food storage, food service and food retail operations by a wide variety of people for different reasons.

Food businesses in Queensland, whether licensed or not, who suspect that food at, or sold from, their premises has been intentionally contaminated must notify Queensland Health.

Whilst public health and safety necessitates rapid reporting, investigation and response, this protocol is designed to assist businesses in differentiating between a suspected intentional contamination incident and an accidental foreign matter which does not hold the same reporting requirements.

If someone becomes sick from eating or handling suspect food, an ambulance should be called immediately. For more informaiton please click here.