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The 2022-23 Safe Food Annual Report is now complete

Safe Food’s Annual Report for 2022-23 is now available to view on our website.

For the last five years, Safe Food has been determined to develop and implement a modern approach to regulatory delivery. An approach that not only utilises digital technology but also recognises the importance of genuine collaboration and engagement with all food supply chain participants. Our regulatory model recognises that food safety is critical, but not the only element in Queensland’s broader food system.  Other important elements include employment, environmental sustainability, trade, biosecurity and food security.

This year’s report demonstrates Safe Food’s commitment to our core function of regulating food safety and achieving its vision of establishing a best practice regulatory environment. We want to ensure consumers remain confident in the safety and quality of Queensland’s fresh produce but also encourage food businesses to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their production systems in times of constant change and innovation.

Our Annual Report can be downloaded here.