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Safe Food’s Annual Report 2021-2022 now available

2021-22 annual report coverSafe Food’s Annual Report 2021-22 is now available on our website.

This past financial year, Safe Food has continued to fulfil its core regulatory function of verifying that effective control measures are applied along Queensland’s food production systems, to ensure that consumers’ expectations of safe, quality food are met.

Safe Food has also directed its resources to support broader Queensland Government efforts to respond to the impacts of COVID-19 as well as the heightened concerns regarding biosecurity threats, such as African Swine Fever, Japanese Encephalitis Virus, Lumpy Skin Disease and Foot-and-Mouth Disease.

The agency’s practical advice, knowledge of production systems, productive relationships with industry and understanding of risk management continue to be sought after and valued by all stakeholders as these challenges continue and evolve.

Safe Food has continued to progress its Strategic Plan 2020-23 despite the ongoing challenges associated with these activities.

This has included engaging with the horticulture industry to better understand and support their food safety management systems and practices, with a view to implementing new national standards for the leafy vegetables, melon and berry sectors, and designing an approach that could be applied to regulated and non-regulated activities.

The agency is also committed to modernisation through a range of activities, including reviewing its regulatory delivery model, actively contributing to the revision of the bi-national food regulatory system and implementing its Digital Strategy to capitalise on the data sharing opportunities that Safe Food has created over the last 15 years.

Our Annual Report can be downloaded here.