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Microbiological Testing in Dairy Manufacturing: Free Online Training Course

Safe Food has recently developed a free online training course for dairy manufacturers on microbiological testing.

The course, developed in partnership with Dairy Australia, is designed to help QA and other staff understand the importance and value of an effective microbiological testing program.

Dairy manufacturers will learn how testing fits within a greater verification program in their business, the common microbiological hazards that impact dairy, and how testing can help verify their processing activities. Practical examples are used to provide clarity around product testing and environmental monitoring, how to implement a product testing procedure, and how to interpret  micro test results.

This online training course is available via a simple web browser, and is self-paced, meaning you can start and stop the course at any time and pick up from where you were the next time you login.

This course is available free of charge to dairy manufacturers throughout Australia via Dairy Australia’s Manufacturing Resource Centre.