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Horticulture Regulatory Framework – Steering Committee Formed

Communique – 20 October 2023 meeting

Safe Food Production Queensland’s Horticulture Regulatory Framework Steering Committee (the committee) held its inaugural meeting today.  The aim of the Committee is to design a regulatory framework for the implementation of the three new national horticulture primary production and processing standards (melons, berries, and leafy vegetables) in Queensland.

The Committee was formed by Safe Food Production Queensland to support the development of a best practice regulatory approach to effectively manage food safety risks in horticulture along the supply chain, which minimises the impost on both industry participants and government agencies.

The Committee includes invited representatives from national and Queensland peak bodies, regional grower groups, the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, and the Office of Productivity and Red Tape Reduction.

The Committee noted that the three new standards, developed by Food Standards Australia New Zealand, come into effect on 12 February 2025.  The Committee also commenced considering how to give effect the standards in Queensland and mechanisms that could enable the recognition of industry certification schemes/programs.

The Committee will be supported by a Horticulture Industry Technical Advisory Group and a Cross-Agency Reference Group.

The Committee’s next meeting will be in November 2023.

Stakeholders can stay informed on key developments on the implementation of the new Horticulture Standards within Queensland by subscribing here.