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4th Food Allergen Management Symposium

Join us for the Allergen Bureau’s 4th annual Food Allergen Management Symposium, 18-21 May 2021.

The Food Allergen Management Symposium (FAMS) is dedicated to assembling the world’s best minds across the spectrum of food allergen management. FAMS always brings together a holistic symposium program covering the latest issues in food allergen management and is targeted at everyone working in the food allergen space – researchers, consumer groups, food industry, laboratories, clinicians, dieticians, policy makers and enforcement agencies.

The FAMS2021 Organising Committee are working to deliver a dynamic symposium environment that recognises and addresses the realities and uncertainties of global and domestic travel and public gatherings in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

FAMS2021 will provide a blended symposium format that will offer participants an opportunity to attend FAMS2021 at several different venues across both Australia and New Zealand, as well as the ability to attend virtually using video technology for those who are unable to travel to the live symposium venues, and allow the international speakers FAMS is renowned for the ability to present their research.

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