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Is your business prepared for an emergency?

Queensland is no stranger to natural disasters. While storms, cyclones and flooding are the most common threat in the summer months, the ‘sunshine state’ is still at risk of other disasters such as bushfires.

In the aftermath of a severe weather event, food safety may be low on the list of priorities but being prepared and having a solid plan of action can help reduce the impact on your business.

Preparing for a severe weather event

  • Develop your emergency/after hours contacts list for staff, including local state emergency, police, fire and ambulance services
  • Develop your recovery contacts list and include details of your insurance company, bank, employees, suppliers and any other key people
  • Create an emergency kit and include things like key documents, phone numbers, torch, first aid kit, portable radio, plastic bags, spare batteries and water
  • Perform a regular backup of your digital data and store the backup in a secure offsite location
  • Organise a backup for essential services (local telecommunications, electricity, gas, water, plumbing, sewerage and waste)
  • Place emergency procedures, contacts, kits and equipment in a prominent location and advise staff
  • Cross-train employees in as many areas of the business as possible to help avoid key person risk
  • Identify and prioritise stock and equipment and consider relocation areas
  • Prepare a stock take in advance including ingredients and additives that require refrigeration
  • Develop a plan for minimising loss of food product held under refrigeration
  • Consider access to alternative refrigerated cold storage facilities that are fitted with a backup generator to which you can bring primary produce/perishables needing refrigeration
  • Develop a plan to monitor and record product temperatures and a plan to relocate product(s) from display cases to cold rooms, freezers, or refrigerated containers as needed to maintain safe product temperatures

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