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New Online Tool for Dairy Farmers to Manage Biosecurity Risks

Dairy farmers and their advisors now have access to a new online biosecurity tool to build their skills and adapt their management approach to biosecurity risks.

Jointly developed by Dairy Australia and Agriculture Victoria, the tool enables dairy farmers to create a biosecurity plan tailored to their farm, based on Dairy Australia’s Healthy Farms Biosecurity Framework.

What the tool does
The biosecurity tool allows dairy farmers to take simple steps to identify their risk of disease, determine appropriate science-based control actions, securely store their biosecurity plan, and easily share and seek feedback on their plan from their advisors.

The biosecurity tool allows dairy farmers to manage their risks around 14 separate diseases such as salmonella and BVD.

How to access
You can access the biosecurity tool at – DairyBase users can use their existing login details.