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Safe Food’s Annual Report 2020-2021 now available

Safe Food’s Annual Report 2020-21 is now available on our website.

This year, Safe Food celebrates 20 Years of providing regulatory oversight of food safety in the primary production and processing sector. This is a complex task requiring a good understanding of industries, their supply chains and how they operate and manage risks.

The Annual Report highlights the positive outcomes from Safe Food’s implementation of food safety systems in Queensland and how these contribute to the national food safety network, which has heightened importance this year.

Queensland food businesses continued to face many challenges this past financial year including the coronavirus pandemic. During this time, we have provided quality, practical advice to industry and government about safe food practices and management of issues associated with COVID-19. We have also continued to develop and refine new methods of audit and assessment, including methods that aim to protect the safety of both food business employees and Safe Food staff during COVID-19 outbreaks.

We have worked with Queensland’s meat export processors, and other sectors, to develop guidance materials to ensure they have appropriate systems in place to manage the risks associated with COVID-19 and their workforces.

For example, Safe Food coordinated the development of the Health Plan Maturity Assessment Tool (HPMAT). The HPMAT allows businesses to continually test the performance of their systems and make changes or improvements where the most protection will be achieved against COVID-19.

A full copy of our Annual Report can be downloaded here.