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Have your say on proposed reforms to the Food Act 2006

For the first time in nearly 20 years, The Food Act 2006 (Food Act) is under legislative review. Public feedback is now open, and Queensland Health want to hear from you!

The Food Act is the primary piece of food safety regulation in Queensland, which applies to all Queensland food businesses. Its purpose is to ensure that food for sale in Queensland is safe for consumers.

In 2019, the Queensland Audit Office (QAO) undertook a performance audit into the management of food safety in Queensland. QAO’s final report made 14 recommendations, including that Queensland Health conduct a legislative review of the Food Act to ensure that it enables effective responses to food safety risks.

What is being proposed?

Queensland Health has made 39 legislative reform proposals to the Food Act, which are outlined in this Review of the Food Act 2006 Consultation Paper. An online survey has also been created to receive public feedback on the proposals.

Safe Food accreditation holders, which must also comply with the requirements of the Food Act, have valuable knowledge and experience in relation to food safety. We therefore encourage you to review the reform proposals and provide your feedback to Queensland Health.

Examples of proposals that may be relevant to your business:

  • Proposal 7(a) – Expand the list of prescribed contaminants required to be notified when isolated in food.
  • Proposal 9 – enabling currently unmanaged risks to be regulated under the Food Act, including the application of Primary Production and Processing Standards (Chapter 4 of the Food Standards Code)
  • Proposal 13 – Enable the regulation of products that do not comply with the Food Standards Code, such as raw (unpasteurised) milk.
  • Proposal 14 – Introduce a standard licence condition relating to the use of raw or lightly cooked eggs.
  • Proposal 25 – Remove taste testing as a licensable activity.

How to submit feedback

You can lodge your feedback in the following ways:



Post: Food Safety Standards and Regulation
Queensland Health
PO Box 2368
Fortitude Valley BC QLD 4006

Public feedback closes on Sunday, 11 June.